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T41 – brand new community for entrepreneurs in Bergen

300 square meters and 22 work places designated for entrepreneurs and start-up companies. At the new innovation community of T41 the foundation is set for people with good business ideas to succeed in the market.

Entrepreneur Camilla Strand has already moved into the new and modern office at Marineholmen, Bergen.

– I´ve chosen T41 primarily because of the innovative environment that surrounds Nyskapingsparken, says Strand.

Strand has founded Sc Product Solutions. The start-up company works on solving challenges for elders and disabled with regards to personal hygiene.

I hope that T41, with all its diverse, creative and knowledgeable people and businesses can contribute to stimulate the innovative processes of my own business, says Strand.

The team behind the GPS-service Adiona was among the first to move into the new premises at Marineholmen. Ok-Hini Rønning says that location and reasonable rent were some of the main factors behind their decision to move in to T41. But not the only ones:

The proximity to competence and resources with knowledge on start-ups and further development of companies is important. Equally important is the visibility one gains in the entrepreneurial community and for the different people that closely follows this community, says Rønning.

The innovation community is growing

Companies like BTO, Connect Vest, Sarsia Seed and Nyskapingsparken Inkubator are already located at Marinenholmen.

Nyskapingsparken aims to accommodate at least 20 businesses at all times in their facilities. Due to great demand, time had come to expand their services. T41 appeared as a natural next stage.

The demand for an office space in the incubator is greater than ever. We do unfortunately not have sufficient room to accommodate all entrepreneurs that apply for our program. At the same time we know that many entrepreneurs seek an environment where they can discuss and learn from each other. For this reason, we are now establishing a coworking space where entrepreneurs have access to professional and social environment, accompanied by practical work areas, meeting rooms, kitchen and such, says Hilde Indresøvde, Head of Nyskapingsparken Inkubator.

A membership in T41 is different from an office space in Nyskapingsparken. The main differentiator is that counselling is not included in the T41-service.

The value of working in this environment day in and day out is still great. At Marineholmen we discuss innovation all day long – in the hallways, the common areas and even in the kitchen. In this way you will have a non-committal access to business developers, networks and competence, says Indresøvde.

Learn from each other

Adiona-founder Ok-Hini Rønning believes that being in this community can have a huge impact.

I hope that we can get and give advice to each other, and enjoy and grieve our ups and downs together. I believe that we can learn a lot from especially American entrepreneurial environments where one is cheering for each other and helps the others get ahead – because next time it might be you in that situation. There is also a lot of positive energy in a group of people who has “made the leap” and is trying to achieve something they truly believe in. I believe that I will learn things that I never would have by getting insight into the other projects, Rønning concludes.

You can read more about T41 here

T 41 has received attention from media. Bergens Tidende recently published a story with the headline «Gründerar får ny leikeplass«.