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- Give your vote to Nyskapingsparken and help us win Sivaprisen, says Hilde Indresøvde, General Manager of Nyskapingsparken Inkubator. Photo: Camilla Waage, C Foto

Nyskapingsparken Inkubator nominated for Sivaprisen

Nyskapingsparken Inkubator is one of five finalists who can win the Sivaprisen 2016. The competition is tough and Nyskapingsparken therefore needs your help to win.

Both recognition and money are at stake where Nyskapingsparken is in the final heat of the competition to win Sivaprisen 2016. The purpose of Sivaprisen is to highlight an innovation environment that has shown exceptional qualities in innovation and restructuring. The prize is 300,000 NOK and the winner will be announced during Sivakonferansen 2016 in Trondheim on 10th May.

The winner will be decided by both a jury and voting.

It is great recognition in itself to be among the finalists for Sivaprisen. There are many great organizations who do an impressive job to help entrepreneurs move forward. Should we be lucky enough to go all the way I can promise that we will invest the prize money well. 300 000 NOK is a lot of money who will make a difference to our environment. We will therefore encourage everyone to enter Siva’s website to vote for us, says Hilde Indresøvde, General Manager of Nyskapingsparken.

Vote for Nyskapingsparken Inkubator here.

Criterias for candidates

To be a candidate for Sivaprisen, innovation environments need to have met the following criteria over the past year:

• Contributed significantly to innovation
• Helped to open new markets
• Contributed to innovation through collaboration
• Taken courageous choices that have been crucial for success
• Emerged as a role model, inspired others and shared knowledge

The establishment of the pre-incubator T41 is a good and recent example of Nyskapingsparken fulfilling all of these criteria. Nyskapingsparken has over the past year experienced a tremendous interest from entrepreneurs in Bergen. The total number of startup companies in Nyskapingsparken has grown from 19 in 2014 to 32 in 2015. Both the influx and the quality of the applicants are high. As a result of this Nyskapingsparken couldn´t offer a place for all qualified entrepreneurs. There simply wasn´t room. To meet the great demand Nyskapingsparken has in collaboration with Bergen Teknologioverføring (BTO) and GC Rieber Eiendom established T41. The pre-incubator is a low-threshold co-working space that 25 companies make use of today. Both Nyskapingsparken, GC Rieber Eiendom and BTO have taken a bold choice by entering into a zero-sum contract where neither party will make money. The aim of the establishment is simply to facilitate innovation by building a culture of sharing in an environment that already offers high and diversified expertise on innovation.

Nyskapingsparken has together with GC Rieber Eiendom and BTO literally knocked down walls and opened up the premises at the Vitensenteret in Bergen. The result is a modern infrastructure and a creative environment that few can compare with in Norway.

Now Nyskapingsparken needs your vote to win the Sivaprisen 2016. Vote here!


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