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Join our infomation meeting and apply for pree-seed funding

Apply for pre-seed funding

Innovation Norway has awarded Bergen Teknologioverføring 6 million NOK in pre-seed capital. We are now ready to invest and you are welcome to apply for funding. Deadline is 5th September.

The pre-seed capital pilot project, which was completed last winter, was very successful. The BTO pre-seed pot was then 8 million NOK and within just one week these where matched with 12.7 million NOK from private investors. This means that the total investment exceeded 20 million NOK.

BTO may invest 6 million NOK in the coming investment round. You will have to meet several different criteria to apply for funding. You can find the full list here (Norwegian only)

Deadline for application is 5th September 2016.


You are welcome to attend our information meeting about the scheme. We will give a short brief and answer your questions.

When: Monday 22nd August.
Time: 10:00 a.m.
Where: Thormøhlensgate 51. BTOs office is on the 1st floor.