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Prime Minister Erna Solberg (H) announced in February which companies that would receive pre-seed capital from BTO in the pilot project. Photo: Camilla Waage

Exciting news for startups in Hordaland and Sogn & Fjordane

Innovation Norway has awarded Bergen Teknologioverføring 6 million NOK in pre-seed capital. The pilot scheme was a great success and now more communities will gain access to funds.

The investor communities FFV AS (4 million NOK) and Victrix (5 million NOK) have also been allocated funding. Altogether there are now 15 million NOK in pre-seed capital available for exciting startups in Hordaland and Sogn & Fjordane. BTO’s collaboration with the Kunnskapsparken i Sogn og Fjordane also allows startup businesses from this county to apply for funding.

BTO looks forward to working together with the other investors to get the maximum benefits out of the funds.
This means that we can help even more businesses in our pipeline. Faster development and enhanced cooperation with private investors will lead to more power!, says Anders Haugland, Managing Director of BTO and he continues:

We will invest pre-seed capital in companies where money makes a difference and who have teams who can benefit from them.

The pre-seed capital pilot project, which was completed last winter, was very successful. The BTO pre-seed pot was then 8 million NOK and within just one week these where matched with 12.7 million NOK from private investors. This means that the total investment exceeded 20 million NOK.

The startups Pluvia, Nobesita, Leieting.no, Vibble, restdb.io, Dyrekassen and Rock Physics Technology were awarded BTO pre-seed capital in the pilot project.