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2016 – A Year of Records!

We recently published our annual report of 2016. In the coming weeks, we will publish some of the content here on our webpage. First out we will present the intro, written by the management.

NHH Norwegian School of Economics came in as a new owner, and Bergen Teknologioverføring (BTO) took over the administration of clinical studies for Haukeland University Hospital and University of Bergen. We look forward to further develop these tasks and relations. 2016 was the first full year of operation with the largest incubator on the West Coast, Nyskapingsparken, as an integrated part of of BTO.

During the year, we have increased the number of companies connected to Nyskapingsparken from around 25 to more than 70, and new concepts like the office community T41 has been introduced. We have also planned and developed concepts that will be introduced in 2017. At the end of the year, all or part of the cluster management of GCE Subsea, NCE Seafood Innovation Cluster, NCE Maritime CleanTech and Design Arena moved into our premises. This provides BTO a fantastic opportunity to increase the cooperation towards these important industries, and we know we will see the results of the cooperation in the years to come. It also provides a significant gathering of key operational actors in the region’s ecosystem for innovation – which enhances the activity level.

On the classic business area of BTO – realization of opportunities based on research results – we have experienced a great development. Never have we managed to fund so many projects for our owners and partners, and great deals have given significant resources back to the research.

Many new innovations have found their way to application – indeed to a limited extent so far, but they have already had significant impact on individuals and society.

BTO feels a considerable responsibility regarding the need for readjustment in our region. Together with our owners, Bergen Municipality, Hordaland County Council, Innovation Norway, NAV and a number of private actors we have invested in activities and initiatives to contribute to new and secured jobs in a challenging time.

In the years to come, we will increase the number of related actors invited into a strategic cooperation to increase the impact of our resources. We believe it is important that we in the region take action that reduces the perception of fragmentation and gives the region a boost in innovation and creation.

We believe that our region is uniquely positioned to take a leading role within innovation and creation – together we must establish a competitive advantage for the region!

2017 starts where 2016 ended – we are moving full steam ahead in our commitments – and new concepts and initiatives are being rolled out with the aim to improve the overall ecosystem for innovation and creation.

Anders Haugland, Managing Director, BTO and Randi Elisabeth Taxt, Vice President, BTO