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BTO deemed tech partner at the Stormkast conference

The world is changing. How should companies on the Norwegian west coast face future challenges? Stormkast is a conference about the opportunities of tomorrow. BTO will be the official conference Technology partner.

Novel technologies and new business models change the value chains. Digitalizing revolutionizes organizational maps and culture. Smarter work processes increase the effectivity of production. These are some of the subjects that will be addressed during the Stormkast conference in Bergen on the 18th of February.

Engaging speakers

Thirteen different speakers will share their view on trends in our society. All of them have strong opinions and different perspectives for the future.

Mike Monteiro (picture left) is one of them. This American designer, agitator and bestselling writer is described as uncompromising – with a heart for a better world.

Another interesting speaker will be Jannicke Hilland, CEO at BKK (picture center). She has developed engineering and strategic competencies along with management skill sets from Hydro and Statoil.

Andreas Thorsheim (picture right) is also among the speakers. As a former product director at Opera Software and director at Schibsted he has experienced demanding changes in the media sector. Thorsheim is currently establishing the solar power company Otovo, and will enlighten the audience with these themes.



The Stormvarsel report

The organizers have written a report to support the theme of the conference. The Stormvarsel report’s ambition is to point out technologies and societal trends that will characterize our region in the coming years, and which opportunities that lies ahead. The report is a survey, and includes several interviews with managers in different businesses and contributions from experts in various fields. The report is collaboration between Netlife Research Bergen, PWC and Bergen Teknologioverføring and will be launched at the Stormkast conference.

Discount on tickets

BTO has, as the conference’s official Technology partner, the opportunity to offer everyone in the BTO network a 50% discount on tickets. While the ordinary ticket prices are 6000 NOK – we can offer tickets for 3000 NOK. Buy your tickets here.

Join us for a suggestive and inspiring day where we look at what happens in the world, and how to identify and create opportunities.

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