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Dag Finne

Bilde av Dag Finne
Senior Innovation Manager
dfi [at]
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Dag has worked at VIS since 2006 and is today an experienced man in the environment. During these years he has had many different tasks and roles, including being an entrepreneur, business developer and head of Team Health. Currently, Dag is responsible for the team that works we marine innovation. It is clear that he is a dedicated person with a sincere commitment to VIS and the people in the environment. In his spare time, he enjoys mountain hikes when the time and weather allows for it and brews his own beer to enjoy after such activities.

Education: Marine Engineering with a Master’s in Organization and Management, and Registered Technology Transfer Professional (RTTP)

Project manager for:
Continuous Laryngoscopy Exercise Test (CLE)
CLE is an innovative test that records the larynx during intensive treadmill exercise, and analyses the data according to respiratory parameters. This enables researchers to discover abnormalities in the central airways.
Holberg EEG
SCORE (Standardised Computer-based Organised Reporting of EEG) is the new European standard for reporting EEG. It is a software with an associated database, which is used to categorise and describe EEG examinations.