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The Holberg EEG team

Holberg EEG

SCORE (Standardised Computer-based Organised Reporting of EEG) is the new European standard for reporting EEG. It is a software with an associated database, which is used to categorise and describe EEG examinations.

SCORE is translated to ten different languages and helps doctors all over the world to describe EEG in the way the world’s leading field experts recommend. At the same time, the database accumulates described findings for research and teaching purposes. No other comparable software exists at the moment.

Holberg EEG AS is now introducing the Holberg SCORE suite to European hospitals and laboratories. The next target market is USA, and then Asia.

The team is growing rapidly and they are looking to hire several new employees over the next coming years.

The project is funded by Innovation Norway, Skattefunn, Sparebanken Vest, Sparebank 1 SR-bank, Holberg Fondene, BTO, Haukeland University Hospital, founders, NIK IV, Steinar J. Engelsen, and other individuals.

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