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Jente som gjennomfører laryngoskopitest (CLE)
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Continuous Laryngoscopy Exercise Test (CLE)

CLE is an innovative test that records the larynx during intensive treadmill exercise, and analyses the data according to respiratory parameters. This enables researchers to discover abnormalities in the central airways.

Simultaneous external video and audio recordings are made in order to more effectively differentiate exercise-induced asthma from other forms of exercise-induced dyspnoea or exercise-related obstructions of central airways. Diagnosing the obstruction of central airways is quite difficult, and differentiating exercise-induced asthma from other common causes of similar symptoms is not well defined. The ability to properly diagnose patients requires the laryngeal function to be visualized during on-going exercise. Until now, patients were examined via post-exercise laryngoscopy, which not only elevated the rate of panic and negative tests, but also gave limited information regarding what had provoked the laryngeal obstruction since the response was already present when the endoscope was introduced.

The CLE test revolutionises diagnostics in facilitating video-recorded laryngoscopy throughout a complete, maximal exercise test.

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