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Growth in Siva-funding strengthens innovation in Hordaland

Entrepreneurs in Hordaland will this year receive a growth in Siva-funding corresponding to the double of what other actors in Norway will receive. With Bergen Teknologioverføring being hoisted to the highest level of Siva’s ranking, we will be able to strengthen our services and projects.

New numbers from Siva shows that the hard work from the innovation ecosystem in Hordaland is paying off. Hordaland is now seen as the region with the strongest innovation ecosystem in Norway.

– By increasing the funding to innovation partners and incubator programs in Hordaland with 30,7% this year, Hordaland stands out among other regions in Norway. Nationally such funding has been increased with 14,5%, says Randi Torvik, responsible for the Innovation program in Siva.

In an article published in Bergens Tidende (BT), Torvik explains that their partners in Hordaland have worked strategically and by that achieved a positive progress.

– This is a national competition. Siva partners that generates the best results will receive the highest amount of funding, says Torvik.

BTO – an important contributor

BTO was this year hoisted from level 3 to level 5 in Siva’s ranking to evaluate the participants in its incubation program. Correspondingly BTO’s incubator services was qualified to receive the largest funding amount one incubator may receive in Sivas incubation program. The result is an increase in funding from 3 to 5 million NOK.

Randi Torvik says that BTO, as the largest incubator in the region, is an important contributor to the whole innovation ecosystem in Hordaland.

– BTO has developed a strong company and offers an important environment for entrepreneurs, research and academia. They have in addition established numerous startups in the region, says Randi Torvik in the interview with BT.

Hilde Indresøvde, Head of Incubation and Acceleration in BTO, says the emerge from level 3 to level 5 in Siva’s ranking is a great acknowledgement to the effort put down over the last years:

– BTO has expanded and strengthened its incubator services and is now offering a wide range of pre-incubation and incubation services to start-up companies and students in the Bergen region.

With an increase from 22 startup companies as members of our service in 2013, to 123 in the beginning of 2018, it is evident that the incubator is receiving more attention/ has higher demand.

– The increased funding from Siva is a great contribution to our services and the environment, Indresøvde finishes.