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Spot is an application that motivates people to show up in the "right place at the right time" to generate points that can later be exchanged for real good.

The application has several areas of scope and can, among other things, be an instrument for the threat from the e-commerce that several companies experience, as well as counteract absenteeism and dropout in schooling for students. Spot will engage people to show up at the given locations to receive virtual rewards through gamification and point generation, which are later added to real value.

AltReal won Studentidé 2018, a competition for student entrepreneurs with a price of 50.000 NOK.



  • CEO Hana Colakovic – Master of Innovation and Management, Bachelor of Economics
  • CTO Michelle Sæther – Master of Entrepreneurship, Bachelor of Computer Technology
  • Utvikler Pål Gjerde – Computer Engineer
  • Utvikler Eivind Lervik – Computer Engineer
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