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Espen Rostrup

Bilde av Espen Rostrup
Manager, Research Innovation

Espen has been the leader of research-based innovation since January 2022.

He has a master’s degree. from Germany (Freiburg and Kiel) in 2000 and received his PhD at UiB in 2014. As an approved cardiologist (cardiologist), he has long and broad experience from clinical treatment, research and from medical-technical equipment development. In addition to general clinical cardiology, he has worked with CT coronary angiography, a then new and groundbreaking method for the examination of patients with suspected cardiovascular disease.

In research, Espen has had a strong focus on the prevention of cardiovascular disease and cardiac rehabilitation and led innovative projects in electrical muscle and nerve stimulation and in nutrition. For a period he also sat on the National Council for Nutrition.

In 2018, he took the leap from the clinic to private business and worked there as a medical manager in an entrepreneurial company in medical-technical equipment, involved in the development of high-tech equipment for use in electrical muscle and nerve stimulation. Here he was the leader of the medical team in the company and part of the management team.