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Easybnb makes homesharing completely effortless for you as a homeowner, allowing you to make additional income off your home without doing any work whatsoever.

We take care of all practicalities associated with renting out your home on Airbnb for you, ranging from photographing your space to checking guests in, and professionally cleaning your space afterwards. You’re left with extra cash in the bank and a freshly cleaned home when you return – you’re welcome! 

Contact information:

– Jacob Mørch, jacob@easybnb.no, 91624033 

– Vegard Haveland, vegard@easybnb.no, 459 16 225 

– Carl Ellingsen, carl@easybnb.no, 415 78 394 

– Fredrik Bedsvaag, fredrik@easybnb.no, 476 60 165