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TicketCo – heading to international success

In a few years TicketCo has taken an international position as a ticket supplier. The adventure started at VIS.

The ambition was to create a system that made it easier and cheaper for organizers to handle ticket sales on their own.

– When we started, the goal was to make life easier for organizers – therefore the vision “Events Made Easy”. The goal from day one was to go international, says Carl-Erik Michalsen Moberg, who founded the company together with Kåre Bottolfsen and Hogne Sandanger in 2012.

The year before, the owners moved into VIS Nyskapingsparken. They wanted help to further develop the idea and business model. Through close cooperation with our business developers, the founders designed the company’s strategy. VIS assisted with finding investors and recruiting employees and board members. Through VIS networks, they were introduced to festival organizers and other customers so that they got tested the concept.

VIS has meant a great deal to TicketCo. When we moved in here the adventure began. Access to mentors, the network around, the events, the positivity of Hilde Indresøvde, the energy with other entrepreneurs, and the focus on common gain, says Michalsen Moberg.

From small Bergen to the giant city of London

Entrepreneur Michalsen Moberg has now settled in London, where he is working to reach TicketCo’s big goal; to become the new global standard solution for handling payment in the event industry. In the UK, TicketCo has signed a contract with the Junkyard Golf Club entertainment concept, which has seen ticket sales increase by as much as 46%! TicketCo has several Norwegian top football clubs on the customer list. In England, little Woking FC became their first soccer customer, but there is every reason to believe that several clubs will adopt the solution in the future.

– We are constantly looking for new markets. Poland is a country we want to enter and we have therefore joined a large Polish football club, says Kåre Bottolfsen.

TicketCo is in many fields a bell-sheep for the start-up environment in the Bergen region. Their work is noticed and has resulted in the company winning several high-paying innovation awards. Among other things, they were named Entrepreneur of the Year during the European Business Award 2016.

In December 2017, the company was priced at NOK 90.8 million – an increase of 70 per cent since April 2017.