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Students received one million NOK to develop their idea

Crescat is one of the projects that realizes its business idea with the help of the VIS start-up programme, after receiving support for student entrepreneurship through the program STUD-ENT

Crescat is developing a service that will make the implementation of cultural and conference events easier and more efficient. The founders behind Crescat, Matteo Blomberg Ghini and Jørgen Iden, got the idea in the input of their master’s degrees at the Norwegian School of Economics (NHH). Blomberg Ghini and Iden also participated in ACCEL Student – an intensive program for students in Bergen who want to start or have started an innovative company. VIS and Bergen Municipality are behind the program.

– As ACCEL Student pursued, we got help with the application design, but also to arrange the work on business development and how Crescat was to become a company, says founder Blomberg Ghini.

– The support that VIS gave us in that process has contributed to where we are today, and undoubtedly an important contribution to getting the application in port, he continues.

– Being a member of VIS startup and the incredible network of resources and partners has been crucial to us as a start-up company. With expertise, experience and a genuine desire to contribute, the VIS team has lifted us up and forward, and we have experienced a productivity gain from taking part in the environment. We are grateful for the opportunity and look forward to further cooperation,” says Blomberg Ghini.

Now Crescat is ready for launch, and to have the service tested on its first customers.

Through its membership in VIS Startup, Crescat has gained access to business developers, IT expertise, office facilities and, not least, a large network of both entrepreneurs and potential investors. – It has been invaluable for us to become part of a network that the VIS offers, and has given us a lot of good input, for both product and company.

There were a total of four projects from Bergen that received support from the Research Council of Norway’s STUD-ENT program in 2017. They got 1 million NOK each to develop their idea.

The aim of the Research Council of Norway with STUD-ENT is to encourage student entrepreneurship and strengthen the entrepreneurship culture at Norwegian educational institutions.