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– With the expertise, experience and a genuine desire to contribute, the VIS team has lifted us up and forward, and we have experienced a productivity gain from taking part in the environment. VIS has contributed to growth
Matteo Blomberg Ghini
Co-founder, CresCat

Students received one million NOK to develop their idea

Crescat is one of the projects that realizes its business idea with the help of the VIS start-up programme, after receiving support for student entrepreneurship through the program STUD-ENT


Do you have a bright idea? We will help you take it further. 

Are you holding on to an exciting idea and want to develop it? Share it with us and we can give you the resources you need to get started.

VIS offers all students in Bergen who have an idea a non-binding meeting. 

Here we discuss your idea, conduct an initial evaluation and consider what services we can offer you. Maybe you can be included in one of our Start-up programmes or rent an office space at VIS? 


As early as possible we will facilitate good, safe and customized solutions. The meeting is for free and your idea is treated confidentially. 

Students usually own all the rights to their project. This does not change even if you work with VIS.

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If you are affiliated Western Norway University of Applied Sciences (HVL), we want you to contact Mohn Centre for Innovation and Regional Development in advance. If you are a student at UiB, the first contact point is the Innovation Hub at UiB (Norwegian only). 

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