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Clinical studies

Are you a company or researcher in the process of setting up a clinical study and in need of administrative support? We can help you!

Before introducing a new drug or a new treatment method, we need to study the effects and side effects it has on people. Clinical studies aim to investigate how patients respond to the medicine to ensure the best possible treatment. 

We follow clinical trials all the way – from the first contract is signed until the trial is completed and filed, to ensure that it is conducted as efficiently as possible. This includes helping you: 

  • ensure a good and predictable collaboration between the pharmaceutical industry and the hospitals 
  • coordinate and collect tenders from the various hospital departments, and set up a budget 
  • maintain a professional and efficient agreement process 
  • manage refunds and expenses during on-going clinical studies 

  The purpose of clinical trials is to investigate how patients respond to the medication to ensure the best possible treatment. Before a new drug or method of treatment can be used, it is necessary to investigate what effects and side effects it has on humans.  

  • ensure a professional and effective contract process, including assistance with proposals for an agreement from the sponsor 
  • coordinate and collects price estimates from the various hospital departments 
  • handle budget and contract negotiations 
  • set up a study budget 
  • handle financial settlement during ongoing clinical studies, including billing, reimbursement of study patients’ travel expenses and any fees, as well as granting research funds to the hospital 
  • create an account for each project, including project accounts 
  • processing the financial settlement, filing, final settlement and closes the project account 

VIS can help you manage clinical trials, including economy management. We can, among other things, map the study, gather the necessary information and ensure an efficient and predictable collaboration between industry and researchers / hospitals. 

VIS has a cooperation agreement with Haukeland University Hospital and the University of Bergen. The agreements state that all externally funded clinical studies planned at the hospital must be administered by VIS. 

The agreement is based on the LMI agreement from 2005, which states that all agreements must be entered with the institution (the hospital) and not directly with the individual researcher. 

We act on behalf of the institution and offer experience, efficient collaboration between industry and hospital and a good network at Haukeland University Hospital – in the pharmaceutical industry and the clinical research organizations (CRO). 

Haukeland University Hospital has two research departments, one for adults and one for children. Everyone who works at the research posts has conducted a GCP-course, – and has extensive experience with early phase studies. The research records are well-equipped, and suitable for receiving patients and managing complicated studies. In addition, the various departments in the hospital have experienced employees who handle clinical trials in all phases – especially phase two and phase three. 

Patients and volunteers can participate in clinical trials. Are you interested in participating in a study? Please contact your GP for more information.

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