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The TicketCo-team Carl-Erik Michalsen Moberg and Kåre Bottolfsen.


TicketCo summarized, is ticket purchase made easier. The company intends to give the users a better overview of the marketing budget and the platform may be used with all kinds of tickets.

Ticket buyers receive their electronic tickets with a QR-code by email or SMS, and these are scanned in the entrance facilitated with a device like an iPad or iPhone. As a result, there is no longer need of expensive scanners, and in case of ticket sale in the entrance the need of cash till is also eliminated. The system integrates pre-sale and sales in the entrance through an application and the organizer may thereby print complete reports right away when the event is finished. Moreover, whenever wanted, before or after the event, one may explore the customer data to look at the effect of marketing initiatives or to extract contact information to directly contact the audience.

TicketCo became a part of the startup program at VIS Nyskapningsparken in 2011. The entrepreneurs desired help to further develop the idea and the business model. Through close cooperation with VIS’ business developers, the entrepreneurs worked out the company’s strategy. VIS assisted to find investors and to recruit employees and board members. In the network of VIS, TicketCo was introduced to festival organizers and other customers on which they could test their concept.

Entrepreneurs: Carl-Erik Michalsen Moberg, Kåre Bottolfsen and Hogne Sandanger.