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Marine Ecosystem Technologies AS (METAS) provides technology solutions to subsea challenges within environmental monitoring, Active Acoustic Leak Detection oil and gas (AALD) as well as multipurpose subsea sensor solutions.

METAS’ products and services are industry proven and we have delivered installations and sensors to numerous clients worldwide.

The idea and method behind METAS was born in the mid 1990s at the Institute of Marine Research and has since evolved from studying fish and its behaviour to detecting oil and gas leakages and performing stationary real-time environmental monitoring.

From years of acoustic surveys with vessel acoustics, it was discovered that data collection along transects created two types of uncertainties: the survey vessel disturbed the fish, and stock estimates were affected accordingly. A mixture of spatial and temporal variability hid properties of ecosystem dynamics that were essential to understanding the marine ecosystems. To study fish without vessel and trawl disturbance, METAS designed a floating acoustic system that has been widely used since. In recent years, technological developments have increased the possibilities of building a similar system with more integrated sensors.

The petroleum industry showed interest in the mission to monitor marine life and the effects of sedimentation from drilling mud. This inspired the inventors to commercialise their ideas and investigations, creating a suite of products for the offshore oil and gas industry. In recent years, this has also included AALD (automatic acoustic leak detection). METAS’ main strength is the extensive experience and demonstrated ability to transform ideas and hypotheses into practical technological solutions.

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