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The diamond reactor

Industrial diamond reactor

Producing lab-grown diamond jewellery and diamond semiconductors.

Most industrial tools get worn down over time and require maintenance or replacement. This leads to maintenance costs or cost due to replacement. It can even stop a production. One solution to this problem is to add a layer of small diamond particles, also referred as coating. This is also an expensive process for most businesses, and therefore not a cost-efficient solution.

There is a great need for strong materials in several markets, and we have therefore created a new way of making industrial diamonds: the MPCVD process (Microwave Plasma Assisted Chemical Vapor Deposition). The process makes it possible to mass-produce diamonds at economically sustainable prices compared to the commercial products. Production takes place in our own reactor, leading to savings on both materials and electricity. This way we can create single-crystal diamonds for efficient coating processes that increase the lifetime of a product.

The project has international market potential for lab-grown diamonds in general. In Europe, the main market is cutting tools. Lab-grown diamond jewellery and diamond semiconductors are both new and increasing markets, especially in the USA and Asia.

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