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Bergen Carbon Solutions

Bergen Carbon Solutions produces carbon nanofiber through the use of new and groundbreaking technology.

Bergen Carbon Solutions (BSC) produces an environmentally friendly super material of one of the most potent greenhouse gases – CO2. At the same time, they help to solve a global environmental challenge. building materials, in the form of composite materials. The product has high value, and the BCS method ensures a quality that enables them to sell at market-leading prices. Since the establishment of the company, VIS has been an important supporter through office facilities, the innovation program ACCEL Energy and consultancy in business development. In the future, VIS will continue as an adviser and supervisor through VIS Nyskapingsparken, which the company has been a part of since January 2017. BCS was the first company that was established based on a student idea and included in student incubation. The company started as a a bachelor thesis at Western University of Applying Sciences, while three of the idea holders graduated from chemical engineering with specialization in process. By 2020 BCS will be the world leader in the production and delivery of carbon nanofiber.