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Think Outside

Think Outside has developed Sknow - a small radar sensor that may be put on skis and that reads the snow underneath the snow below the skier in real time. The data is principally meant for skiers that skis off-piste (mountain skis, freeskiing, and ski touring), but proves to also be attractive to industrial partners that work directly or indirectly with snow and ice. Read more about Sknow here.

Think Outside is a startup company that focuses on the transfer of oil exploration technology in new markets. It is done through:


With backgrounds from the oil industry and entrepreneurship, we are combining our technical expertise with design thinking to transfer technology and create value in new markets.


We are a group of technology and outdoor enthusiasts with the vision and ambition to turn bold ideas into viable and profitable businesses.


Our combined experience as technicians, leaders, entrepreneurs and board members enables us to execute the technical details while tackling the strategic decisions.

Entrepreneurs: Monica Vaksdal, Deborah Karlsen og Kelly Moulton