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- BergenBio is like extracted from the textbook
– I have given VIS a great deal of credit for BerGenBio. They were there to help us get started. VIS understood our need and a willingness to put in place the necessary agreements. They have a "Can-do" attitude that I as an American greatly appreciate.
Co-founder and Senior Scientific Advisor, BerGenBio

-BerGenBio is a textbook example

The cancer treatment company BerGenBio started out as a good idea dreamt up by two researchers at the University of Bergen. With the help of VIS, the company has now been listed on the stock exchange and is storming into a billion-dollar international market.


Does your research have an innovative potential? VIS is here to help create value for your research results, so that your knowledge benefits the society.

If your research has an innovative potential it can turn into a new method, new service or product 

VIS is here to help you realize your idea and create additional value for your research results so that your knowledge can benefit society. We do this by providing funding, ensuring your rights, investigating the market potential and finding partners. Our experts have a complex and complementary academic background,  many with research experience. 

University of Bergen, Haukeland University Hospital, Institute of Marine Research, Siva, Western Norway University of Applied Sciences, and NHH Norwegian Business School are the owners of VIS. In addition, VIS has partner agreements with five research institutions. We receive over 100 innovative ideas from researchers from all our owners and partners annually. In total, we have evaluated over 1700 ideas over the past 15 years. 

If you are employed by one of owners or partners, please send a general description of your idea, and we will contact you to map the way along with you. The proposal will be treated confidentially. 

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Bilde av Dr. Harald Aurlien
Holberg EEG
– VIS has been an important resource for Holberg EEG. They have had the skills to lead us through the many pitfalls and challenges involved in starting a company
Dr. Harald Aurlien
Neurophysiologist, Haukeland University Hospital and founder of Holberg EEG
Bilde av Aurora Martinez
– Close cooperation with VIS has been crucial for Pluvia. With its knowledge, VIS has helped to reduce the risk in the development process from innovative idea to potential drug.VIS has, in a crucial step of the process, contributed its expertise in patenting, financing and integration of new experts in our research group.
Aurora Martinez
Professor, The Department of Biomedicine, Martinez lab, and founder of Pluvia
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