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Bergen Teknologioverføring (BTO) has changed its name to VIS.

You are now visiting VIS new webpage. replaces and

The formal name change was made on February 14th 2019. > Contact us > Tor Ole Rognaldsen
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Tor Ole Rognaldsen

Bilde av Tor Ole Rognaldsen
Head of Venture / Legal
tro [at]
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Tor Ole has a versatile background as e.g. forex broker, stockbroker, found manager, movie funder and  producer. At VIS he finds it meaningful to do projects that can improve the life quality of people who previously have not received recognition and thereby not had the chance cover their needs. He does this by supporting and contributing to attain funding, as well as counseling startup- and research based companies. In his spare time he loves to spend time at his idyllic cabin on a small island right outside of Florø. With a belonging boathouse and shed there is enough to do, like multiple walls to paint.

Education: Master’s degree in social economics

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