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Tor Arne Fanghol

Bilde av Tor Arne Fanghol
Innovation Manager
tfa [at]
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Tor Arne is Innovation Manager at Mediekuben, our startup environment at Media City Bergen. Previously of VIS, he worked 26 years in the newspaper Bergens Tidende and Schibsted with journalism and digital development. He was responsible for the digital field at the media group for 12 years. With both startup business and more established companies at Mediekuben,  Tor Arne desires synergies to develop between these, ensuring that the startup companies gets the support they need in Mediekuben, and that the more settled companies benefits from being in a startup environment. In his spare time being at the cabin and going skiing is what is most important for Tor Arne, as well as cooking.

Education: Business economist