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Randi Elisabeth Taxt

Bilde av Randi Elisabeth Taxt
Senior Adviser Innovation
rta [at]
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Randi is Deputy Director of VIS. With this responsibility follows a wide range of tasks, but the main emphasis is on collaboration with the research institutions and development / financing of innovation and commercialization projects at an early stage of the development process. Randi currently has leave from most ordinary work tasks to take a PhD within regional innovation systems. She is keen to understand the mechanisms behind research-driven innovation and what is needed to promote collaboration across institutions and sectors within this field.

Education: MSc in cell biology from the University of Bergen. Master in Technology Management (NHH, NTNU, MIT) and Registered Technology Transfer Professional (RTTP)

You can dowload pictures of Randi Elisabeth Taxt here.

Project manager for:
Eco-friendly method to fight salmon lice under development
Seacalx AS is a start-up that originates from research at the Insitute of Marine Research (IMR) in Bergen. The company is based on the invention of Hans Kristian Strand and Torstein Harboe from IMR. The idea is to use a special form of particulate burnt lime against salmon lice.