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Nils-Eivind Holmedal

Bilde av Nils-Eivind Holmedal
Senior Innovation Manager
nho [at]
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With a good starting point in project management in the oil and gas sector, Nils-Eivind has a steady controll on business development and project management for commercialization projects in VIS. He is passionate about building good ecosystems for commercialization, whether commercialization of technology from research or entrepreneurs with the potential to grow through internationalization. Nils-Eivind enjoys hiking all year round, and especially when he gets time for a fast-paced ski trip in the winter. Several interests are also well connected with the job, and Nils-Eivind is convinced that the future is electric. He uses every opportunity to tell his colleagues how happy he is with their electric cars.

Education: Computer Engineer with Master’s Degree in Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Technology Management and Registered Technology Transfer Professional (RTTP)

Project manager for:
Rock Physics Technology
Rock Physics Technology is a digital oil service company delivering a new, innovative software for geologists and geophysicists exploring for oil and gas, called ENTER.
Wellmend: Safety Valves
WellMend offers an innovative technology for repair of hydraulic control lines for Down Hole Safety Valves (DHSV) and Annular Safety Valves (ASV) which will significantly reduce the cost of failing control lines.
Fiber Optic Tunnel Surveillance
In Norway there are annually 1300 breakdowns, 25 fires and 15 near-fires in motor vehicles. In many severe cases, loss of life has been avoided only by coincidence. The Fiber Optic Tunnel Surveillance (FOTS) project aims to improve traffic flow monitoring on roads, and particularly in tunnels, utilizing fiber optic technology.