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Monica Lislerud

Bilde av Monica Lislerud
Senior Innovation Manager
mli [at]
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Monica is a major contributor to many projects at VIS because not only does she work as an Innovation Manager, but also raise funding for different projects within the science environment and companies. Prior to VIS, she was a Clinical Research Manager at Pfizer, one of the worlds leading pharmaceutical companies. Monica works hard to help entrepreneurs and scientists realizing their innovative ideas. Moreover, she has many hobbies, at least one suited for every season. Fishing, skiing and kayaking is some of her favorites.

Education: Cand. scient degree in Aquamedicine from UiB and MBA in Strategic Leadership from NHH.

Prosjektleder for:
One of the major challenges the aquaculture industry faces today is the timing of smolt release. SmoltVision is a unique analytical tool that will make it easier for the fish farmer to time the release.
Every year, 5000 Norwegian men is diagnosed with prostate cancer and approximately 20% of them die. Cryoimmunotherapy is a new treatment for prostate cancer that mobilizes the patient's own immune system to attack the cancer cells.
Psychological First Aid Kit – Conceptualising feelings
The psychological first aid kit was developed to help children and teenagers conceptualise their feelings and thoughts and handle difficult situations. The kit is a tool to teach them that we have the ability to influence how we feel, by controlling what we think and what we do.