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Malgorzata Barczyk

Bilde av Malgorzata Barczyk
Senior Innovation Manager
mba [at]
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Thanks to her background as researcher within biomedicine, Malgorzata has an exceptional understanding of projects and technologies that has its origin from academic research. As Innovation Manager at VIS, she works with financing applications and business development of biomedical projects. Malgorzata values the work especially because it enables her to meet many competent researchers, to develop herself professionally and to  acquire new knowledge within interesting fields. In her spare time, Malgorzata enjoys to keep herself active, and is currently trying to learn golf.

Education: PhD in cellular biology

Project manager for:
ETEC Vaccine for Traveler’s Diarrhea
In this project we are developing the vaccine against Traveler’s diarrhea caused by Enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli (ETEC) affecting travellers, military personnel and populations (children up to age of 5 years are especially vulnerable) living in ETEC-endemic regions.
3D-printed scaffolds for bone regeneration
In this project, we are developing 3D-printed polymer-based scaffolds to treat, the difficult treated, non-union fractures and segmental bone defects occurring in long bones after injury or due to disease like bone cancer.