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Maja Mujic Elgsaas

Bilde av Maja Mujic Elgsaas
Senior Innovation Manager
mel [at]
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Maja started her career as an intern at a technology transfer center at the University of Boston. Later she has, among other things, been a departmental engineer at UiB, before she started working as a project manager at VIS. She works primarily with the health sector and start-up companies in health. Maja is passionate about promoting health innovation and wants more companies to be established in the region. After working hours, Maja is found in the mountains or on skis, if she is not traveling with the family.

Education: PhD in cancer and imaging. Master of Medical Cell Biology.

Project manager for:
Pluvia – Giving PKU patients a shot at normal life
1 in 10 000 children will be affected by phenylketonuria (PKU), a rare genetic disorder caused by protein misfolding. The disease prevents patients to process food normally, causing the build up of toxic compounds in the body. Pluvia, an academic spin-out based on research from the University of Bergen, is developing a new treatment for PKU to help PKU patients living a normal life.