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Kjetil Myhren-Berge

Bilde av Kjetil Myhren-Berge
Head of Communication
kmy [at]
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Kjetil started his job as Head of Communication in VIS 2014. He is responsible for the company’s external and internal communication, management of profile and brand, and media contact. Kjetil works actively with relationship building. He likes the work to be a combination of strategic and operational tasks. Kjetil has broad experience from the media industry and has background as a journalist and editorial leader. He came to the VIS from national broadcaster TV 2.

Kjetil is inspired by people, institutions and projects that makes the world better through innovative products and services. In VIS, he works with exciting socially beneficial projects every day.

After working hours, Kjetil is an avid cross-country skier during the winter season, and a resilient mountain goat for the rest of the year.

Education: Journalism and Political Science from Liverpool John Moore’s University, Vista University and Molde College

You can download photos of Kjetil Myhren-Berge here.