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Bergen Teknologioverføring (BTO) has changed its name to VIS.

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The formal name change was made on February 14th 2019. > Contact us > Jens Andreas Reigstad
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Jens Andreas Reigstad

Bilde av Jens Andreas Reigstad
Senior Innovation Manager
jre [at]
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Jens has a long experience within the Norwegian and international healthcare industry. He has developed a broad network to suppliers and customers and has contributed to numerous company establishments. He has also held multiple board positions. At VIS he contributes to the implementation and development of projects within the health sector. Moreover, he has created his own biomedical network with strong contributions from research groups, clinical departments, and medical companies. Jens is passionate about breaking barriers and creating arenas for knowledge sharing between the private and public sector. He wants to catch ideas that can give society better healthcare services and is concerned about bringing interdisciplinary teams together to create and realize solutions. In his spare time, Jens is an outdoorsman that enjoys fishing.

Education: College teacher