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Bergen Teknologioverføring (BTO) has changed its name to VIS.

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The formal name change was made on February 14th 2019. > Contact us > Frank Hoover
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Frank Hoover

Bilde av Frank Hoover
Senior Innovation Manager, Group lead
fho [at]
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Frank has a background as a researcher and group leader in Academia and the Biotechnology Industry. For more than 20 years he has been driven by hypotheses related to molecular mechanisms that control the central nervous system communication, development and disease through molecular and biological techniques. Now he uses the knowledge he has accumulated against research-based startup companies.
At VIS he looks for the good innovative ideas of the owner institutions.

Next to giving advises, he looks for finance opportunities, provides intangible protection and develops commercialization strategies
He enjoys working closely with the researchers behind the idea when developing projects, and helping researchers get Eureka moments.

Also in private, Frank focuses on sustainability and helping things to grow, through horticulture and beekeeping.
Education: Dr. Philos. in Biological Chemistry, University of Michigan.

Prosjektleder for:
Bilde av hjerne fra innsiden
Deciphering molecular mechanisms in CNS disease
Understanding and developing treatments for Central Nervous Disease (CNS) has been hampered by the complexity and the uniqueness of the CNS. This project aims to identify relevant pathways and molecules that can be targeted so that better treatments can evolve.