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Elisabeth Silden

Bilde av Elisabeth Silden
Key Account Manager, Marine
esi [at]
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In her PhD, Elisabeth focused on the development of new research methods for studying cancer. Since then, she has held R&D and teaching positions that have equipped her with broad experience in project management and relation building. Before joining VIS she was an offshore drilling fluid engineer at M-I Swaco, Schlumberger. With specialty in biotechnology and marine, these are the fields Elisabeth works with at VIS. She is active in the research community and works as a project manager for several of the projects in VIS. According to Elisabeth, experiencing the perfect match between challenges in the industry and a research environment that has the solution to these challenges, is what is very valuable. For a good break, she goes on a fishing trip or practice other outdoor activities with her family and friends.

Education: PhD in medical cell biology and molecular biology


Project manager for: