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Bergen Teknologioverføring (BTO) has changed its name to VIS.

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The formal name change was made on February 14th 2019. > Contact us > Christina Sundli-Härdig
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Christina Sundli-Härdig

Bilde av Christina Sundli-Härdig
Innovation Manager
csu [at]
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Christina is engaged in multiple of the projects at VIS and has the main responsibility for Innovation Week OPP and the conference THE OCEAN. She has extensive work experience in communication and marketing, with expertise within web and social media. Christina was previously Chief Digital Officer in Kvali and Q-Meieriene, and Editorial Director at Media Bergen. Today, she is the manager of the consultancy company ihärdig. Christina is inventive, solution-oriented, and has great ability and capacity to follow through.  Moreover, she is a team player and an engaged relation builder.

In her spare time she possesses several honorary offices where each is within topics she is passionate, i.e., entrepreneurship, environment, children and education. Among these things, she has arranged multiple Startup Weekend(s), been in the steering committee of the innovation festival OPP since its start, and is engaged in First Tuesday. On home ground she is a self-appointed chaos-pilot for four children and a computer nerd.

Education:  Five-year education from Hedmark University College in information and public relations, marketing and internationalization.