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Bergen Teknologioverføring (BTO) has changed its name to VIS.

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The formal name change was made on February 14th 2019. > Contact us > Anne-Sophie Schillinger
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Anne-Sophie Schillinger

Bilde av Anne-Sophie Schillinger
Innovation Manager
asc [at]
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Anne-Sophie Schillinger is an Innovation Manager at VIS and works with the Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation program. The purpose of the Horizon 2020 program is to mobilize academic, industrial and public actors in order to create joint initiatives. Anne-Sophie is especially passionate about such collaboration between distinct actors and she believes it is crucial in problem-solving and to achieve societal improvements. Her country of origin is exotic France, yet she has developed an enthusiasm for nature and the ski culture. She constantly finds new, hidden natural treasures in the country that no one else knows.

Utdanning: Research background from Biomedicine in France and the USA. Ph.D. in Structural Bioinformatics from the University in Bergen.

Prosjektleder for:
Nurse taking blood sample from the heel of an infant.
Pluvia – Giving PKU patients a shot at normal life
1 in 10 000 children will be affected by phenylketonuria (PKU), a rare genetic disorder caused by protein misfolding. The disease prevents patients to process food normally, causing the build up of toxic compounds in the body. Pluvia, an academic spin-out based on research from the University of Bergen, is developing a new treatment for PKU to help PKU patients living a normal life.