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Exciting times for Rock Physics Technology

It has been a very exciting summer for Rock Physics Technology. The fresh startup is experiencing steep business development and has employed their first fulltime staff-member.

Rock Physics Technology (RPT) is looked upon as an exciting company in the oil-and gas industry. Earlier this year they received a proof of this when they were awarded ”Most promising company” at CONNECT Oil and Gas Partnerforum. RPT provides leading edge consultancy within reservoir characterization. The company strives to integrate rock physics, petrology and geology into their  models to improve the basis for their customers to make their business decisions. RPT has recently finished a pilot project together with VNG Norge AS.

RPTs solution is welcomed by the industry and for the company to focus on both product and business, RPT added their first employee.

– Looking ahead I see two main focus areas for me and for the company as whole. Firstly, we have to continue to confirm the great technology we deliver to the market, to further develop our product, and find the right platform for it. Practically speaking, this part is all about the technical aspects of the company, says Arv Breistøl, RPTs new employee.

– Secondly, however, we must also have a continuous focus on sales and business development activities. It is crucial that RPT is, and seems to others, as a sustainable and economically safe company. Of course, RPT as a whole must be as great as it possibly can be – in every aspect, this being our brand, juridical involvement and our attractiveness for investors. The second focus part for us is therefore more about our strategic points and further business development.

Breistøl has a master of science in Petroleum Geoscience and Engineering from NTNU. He was extremely motivated to become a part of RPT:


– I had three main motives for applying for this job: Firstly, I felt confident that I could contribute to the company because of my background. It was literally a good match. Secondly, I feel that the job as project manager will give me an opportunity to receive a great deal of responsibility, and enable me to do actively networking as is required in the startup phase of a company. And last, but not least: I believe that RPT gives me the opportunity to be a part of something we see as a product that will become a central tool in the more modern oil industry, delivering decreased costs and higher efficiency to the field.

The CEO of Rock Physics Technology, Steffen Boga, is excited to have Breistøl as a new member of the team.

– We are delighted to have Arv on board with us. He is a person with great talent and a wide variety of skills. On our way forward he will help us with both technological aspects and further business development.

BTO has contributed with business development, market research and organizational development. RPT has received Etablererstipend from Innovation Norway,

You can visit the Rock Physics Technology website here.

Main picture (from left): Steffen Boga (CEO, RPT), Erling Hugo Jensen (CTO, RPT) and Arv Breistøl (Project leader, RPT)