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Hatch Aquaculture Accelerator 2019 Cohort – Bergen (ENG)

14:00 – 18:00
Thormøhlensgate 51

Are you interested in hearing about the latest in technology innovation within aquaculture?  Over the first six weeks of the programme 13 Hatch teams have completed 27 mentor sessions, on Hawaii.  On Tuesday 15. October  the teams from Norway, USA, Thailand, Ireland, Portugal and Argentina will pitch their technology, progress, team – and future plans.

There will be two hours of presentations and then two hours of food and mingling. The arrangement will be held in English.

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About the companies

Algaeba is is developing a fully automated shrimp hatchery to reliably produce high-quality shrimp post-larvae, as well as a micro algae production technology that can extend the exponential growth phase of micro algae.

develops new mechanical and structural solutions for offshore aquaculture. It is mainly focused on novel mooring and anchoring solutions for offshore fish containers. Enabling aquaculture operations to move into more exposed environments.

, a biotechnology company that produces heterotrophic micro algae to develop specialty chemicals and raw materials (such as astaxanthin) for animal markets (feed, colorant) and for the human market (cosmetics, nutrition).

will provide an algal bloom detection and warning system, forecasting algae blooms by using state of the art satellite remote sensing, in-situ measurements, and machine learning algorithms.

The NSS NOxAqua
will be a smart sensor for water analysis. Simultaneously measuring three nitrogen compounds – ammonium, nitrite and nitrate – quantitatively and in real time.

GentiRate –
Quantitative high-throughput measurement of metabolic rate to select individual aquatic animals with improved feed efficiency and growth rate.

  – An integrated B2B online seafood marketplace. Catchatrade plans to target the top four aquaculture producing countries: China, Indonesia, India, and Vietnam.

is an alternative protein company. Using innovative fermentation technologies to produce high value biochemicals and biomaterials for feed.

has developed a platform of oral vaccines that will reduce the use of antibiotics, eliminate fish stress and simplify farmer’s life. The first product will be for Streptococcosis vaccinations in tilapia.

makes low cost, easy to use, quantitative, paper-based diagnostic test kits. The first product is for Streptococcus diagnosis in Tilapia.

Montana Microbial
– Producing barley protein concentrate for use in aquaculture feed. Montana Microbial operates a laboratory and a pilot plant in Montana.

Developing an efficient growth method of A. taxiformis seaweed. Proven significant methane reduction (>95%) in cattle when incorporated into their feed.

Culturing a particular strain of Archaea as an aquaculture pond additive. Trials have shown the archaea to increase production efficiencies, reduce FCR and reduce inputs.

14:00 – 18:00
Thormøhlensgate 51