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Gründerpakken – Launching a new startup program

Gründerpakken is a new program that aims to provide startups with physical product ideas the tools that will help them take right decisions towards success. – This is a unique opportunity for startups to get valuable advice in business development and product design, says Program Responsible Bjarte Horn.

The program is specifically targeted to meet the needs of startups that have received the Premarket Evaluation grant from Innovation Norway. Projects and startups without a grant are also welcome in the program. The toolbox provided consists of an assisting team of Business Developers from Bergen Teknologioverføring (BTO), Product Designers from Inventas and access to Marineholmen Makerspace . It enables startups to create and design physical or visual prototypes that can be tested in the market.

 A goal with the Innovation Norway’s Premarket Evaluation grant is to rapidly get feedback from the market, mainly the customer. Is there a product demand? Is there willingness to pay for the product? In this phase, a prototype will be essential. There is not necessarily need for a 100 % functional prototype. Even an illustrative prototype can generate valuable market feedback that can nurture company development – both product and business wise, says Bjarte Horn.

Horn emphasizes that Günderpakken creates an arena where startups easily get a combined expertise from Business Developers and Product Designers. Moreover, the program will be tailored to the needs of each start-up, based on its goals for the Premarket Evaluation.

The program consists of three workshops where one startup receives exclusive assistance from an adviser team and a 30 days corporate membership at Marineholmen Markerspace. The price is 60.000 NOK. In addition, the participants are offered a reduced fee for a month of flexible work space.

The program is offered as an collaboration between Inventas, Marineholmen Makerspace and Bergen Teknologioverføing.

Read more about the program here.