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Rune Vindenes, CEO of ePekebok. Photo: Margrethe Vikan Sæbø

Investors puts money in digital reading service for children

Lesemeister makes it fun for children to read. With financial support from Connect BAN Bergen and DNB, ePekebok AS is now ready to develop their digital platform even more.

Lesemeister is a service that gives school pupils the opportunity to read  hundreds of e-books from the Norwegian publishers. Here, the children can receive reading points, read with and without sound, record sound and listen to their own reading voice. This makes reading fun and motivating, which again makes more active and better readers.  You can use the program on your computer, iPad or Chromebook  and choose between Norwegian or New Norwegian language.  

Lesemeisters clients are schools and municipalities, and they now have 60 schools and 2 municipalities as customers. They have partnered up with several book publishers, amongst them are Det Norske Samlaget, Cappelen Damm and Aschehoug.

One million, two millions

Recently, they received 1 million NOK from Connect BAN Bergen (CBB), a number that got matched by DNB. Now, Lesemeister can reach out to more schools and motivate more children to read.

– We chose to invest in the company for two main reasons: A strong team with a previous track-record of building companies, and the fact that they already have a product in the market which they have proven that they can sell. We believe that the company is well positioned to become an important player in an increasingly digitalized school, says Roald Brekkhus, Investor in Connect BAN Bergen.

From the left: Sondre Skaug Bjørnebekk–Chairman and Technical Manager together with Roald Brekkhus, investor in BAN. Photo: Rune Vindenes

From the left: Sondre Skaug Bjørnebekk–Chairman and Technical Manager together with Roald Brekkhus, investor in BAN. Photo: Rune Vindenes

– Lesemeister is ready for sale to schools and municipalities and we have per august over 60 paying schools as customers. Investor funds will essentially be used for increased commitment within sale and market, says CEO in ePekebok, Rune Vindenes.

With good help from Connect Vest and BTO

Connect BAN Bergen is a network of active investors, operated by Connect Vest. ePekebok has received good help from Business Developer, Ståle Stormark and Mona Biering in Connect Vest, in the process from Springbrett to investment. Stormark arranged a meeting between CBB and ePekebok with the purpose of getting investors for Lesemeister. He also helped with coaching up front and the dialogue between CBB and ePekebok.

– It means a lot to us to be situated in Nyskapingsparken, both professional and social. To be a part of the incubator has given us concrete help, and examples of this is getting involved in Springbrett with Connect Vest, getting help to recruit intern and recruiting sellers. Business Developer, Sonia Pandher, has followed us up, and has been good help with practical things, in the time we have been here, says Vindenes.