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Fluidsep starts pilot project with Kuwait Oil Company

Can the challenge of produced water management be solved with less CO2-footprint? Our incubator member Fluidsep claims that they can. Together with Kuwait Oil Company, they will start a pilot project developing the worlds first horizontal downhole separator system.

(Illustration: Well drawing by Fluidsep)

The start of the worlds first horizontal downhole deparator system was announced at the ONS conference 2018 last week. Fluidsep is working with the challenge of produced water and sand management. The company´s system is solving the environmental problem of excess water and produced sand, and extracts clean oil – at the bottom of the ocean.

The pilot project is a result of the ongoing joint industry project qualification, supported by Aker BP and Innovation Norway for commercializing the Fluidsep Downhole Processing Plant-technology.  They will pilot the worlds first horizontal downhole separation system in land wells in Kuwait.

– This is a quantum leap for the oil industry as a result of more than three years of hard work and experiments by the Fluidsep team, says Bjarne Olsen, one of the Fluidsep-founders.

– The industry believes in our technology, and are willing to make it happen, he continues.

The company claims that the downhole separator system solves multiple issues that the industry has to face today:

  1. The system produces more oil, faster
  2. It uses less energy in the process of doing it, and has a reduction in CO2- emission
  3. It does not cause any oil-spill to the surface of the sea or outer environment

Fluidsep Downhole Processing Plant (DPP) will be commercially available Q2-2020.

Fluidsep is a member of Nyskapingsparken Incubator.