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Hatch companies gathered at the graduation. Photos: Silje Katrine Robinson
Hatch companies gathered at the graduation. Photos: Silje Katrine Robinson
Anders Haugland presenting on stage.
Managing Director at BTO, Anders Haugland.
startups, investors and partners who came to the graduation.
Picture of Manolin who won the prizes Audience Award and Most Investible Company.
Manolin won the prizes Audience Award and Most Investible Company.
Liris in the company Jala won the prize Best Contributor.
Liris in the company Jala won the prize Best Contributor.
Parts of the Hatch team. Georg Baunach (Head of Programs), Carsten Krome (CEO) and Wayne Murphy (COO).
Parts of the Hatch team. From the left: Georg Baunach (Head of Programs), Carsten Krome (CEO) and Wayne Murphy (COO).
Hatch team together with partners.
Hatch team together with partners.
People eating and chatting at the aquarium in Bergen before graduation.
The graduation was hosted at the aquarium in Bergen.

HATCH Graduation

HATCH Accelerator was launched with a vision of a scalable and sustainable aquaculture industry capable of feeding the world. Since 2nd of April eight international aquaculture startups have been through a grand journey. The 2nd of July the companies graduated.

Hatch is the world’s first start-up accelerator focused on the aquaculture industry. Last week, eight companies graduated from the first cohort, based at BTO in Bergen.

Hatch is a three month mentor-driven program for aquaculture startups. World class mentors engage with the teams throughout the program, sharing their aquaculture and entrepreneurial experience.

The problem Hatch wants to solve, is the lack of entrepreneurial best practice, in-depth technical and market knowledge and access to early-stage risk capital to commercialize innovation in aquaculture. They want to establish a global go-to place for entrepreneurs, industry, investors, universities and government for every aquaculture-related, external innovation.

The first cohort of startups signed up and have been located at BTO since April 2nd 2018. Sensaway, Verifik8, Atnic, Finless Foods, TradeIT, Aquaconnect, Manolin and AlgaePro, are all startup companies focused on aquacultural innovation within one or more of the following subjects: nutrition, health, technology and farming.

The programme has been formed as a joint initiative between Hatch, NCE Seafood Innovation Cluster and Bergen Teknologioverføring (BTO). You can read more about the initiative here.

Celebrating the final at Demo Day

After three months of hard work, it was time for graduation. Demo Day was focused on showing the world what the startups had been working on the past 90 days. Some of the people in the room had already witnessed Demo Day 30. Those were probably the most impressed ones – seeing how much could happen in just a quarter of a year. In this time the teams had evolved, learned and adapted everything Hatch had given them during the Bergen 2018 cohort.

Liris in the company Jala won the prize for the Best Contributor. Manolin won the prizes Publicum Award and Most Investible Company.

At the end of the night, Hatch took their startups, investors and partners on the 141 year old sailing boat Galeasen Loyal – and went from the docks in Bergen to Alverstraumen.

– It has been extremely exciting to be a part of Hatch. I have worked with eight start-ups from seven countries and participated in 40 excellent mentoring sessions the past three months. Now that the program is over, I sit with the feeling that Bergen really is “The Silicon Valley for aquaculture”, says Program Developer at Hatch, Emil Lindfors.

Head of Programs, Georg Baunach, has previously said that the reason they chose Bergen and BTO, was because they believe that the city offers an unique ecosystem for aquaculture – for breeders, suppliers, service, research institutes and network groups.

Next up

The next accelerator program starts the 17 September 2018 in Cork, Ireland. This include industry and investor weeks in Norway as well as Singapore.

Are you interested in joining the next accelerator program? Read more and apply here.

The main partners of Hatch are Cargill, Bergen Teknologioverføring – BTO, DNB, Aqua-Spark and NCE Seafood Innovation Cluster.

Read more about Hatch and their program here.