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The founders of Crescat, Matteo Blomberg Ghini and Jørgen Iden
The founders of Crescat, Matteo Blomberg Ghini and Jørgen Iden, got one million NOK in funding to work on their businessidea.

Students! Apply for one million in funding

Are you a student with a great business idea? Students and master graduates can now apply for funding from the Norwegian Research Council's STUD-ENT program. The deadline is 14th of February, and if you have a good idea you can receive one million NOK to bring it to life.

STUD-ENT is a national funding program where the goals are to facilitate students who wants to build their own business and to increase the interest and culture for entrepreneurship for students and academic institutions.

Master students and master graduates with a business idea can apply for economical support to realize their knowledge-based idea. The Norwegian Research Council organizes the STUD-ENT program.

Improve your application

Are you considering applying for funding from STUD-ENT? Students in Bergen are welcome to contact BTO to get help with their application. We can provide feedback and guiding on applications, as well as assist the projects with business development. This service is free to students enrolled at BTO’s owner-institutions: University of Bergen, Norwegian School of Economics and Western Norway University of Applied Sciences.

Based on experience, it increases your chances to receive funding if BTO contributes. Contact us as soon as possible for an informal discussion about your idea. Our business developers will evaluate every idea submitted. Ideas with the right potential that falls within the criteria, will receive advice and assistance in the application process.

Fill in this form, and we will get in touch with you soon.

Matteo and Jørgen received one million

Last year, Matteo Blomberg Ghini and Jørgen Iden got a million NOK to work on their idea, with good help from BTO.

– We found BTO and the STUD-ENT program the same day as a course about the program started. Little did we know about the scope and the possibilities this would give us. After the course went along, we got help with formulating the application, but also with business development to find out how Crescat should be as a company. The support BTO gave us in the process has contributed to where we are today, and without doubt an important contribution to get the application approved. Thanks to the STUD-ENT funding we can now work full-time with our startup, says Ghini, co-founder of the start-up company Crescat.

Practical info

The deadline for applying STUD-ENT 2018 is 14th February 13:00 CET.

The specifications for STUD-ENT are as following:

  • 15 page application
  • Budget frame: 1 million NOK
  • Duration: 1 year
  • The application has to be sent in cooperation with the academic institution

The core team can consist of students at a bachelor- and/or master level, and/or fresh graduates of masters that has received their diploma attached to their master’s degree 12 months (the latest) before the application is sent in. The project leader for the STUD-ENT project has to either:

  1. Plan to deliver their main thesis for their master degree no later than 6 months after submitting the application, or
  2. Have received their master diploma within the last 12 months before submitting the application.

For further details, visit the The Research Council of Norway webpages. Here you will also find central documents, project examples from 2017 and questions often asked.

The application process

In the evaluation of the applications, The Research Council of Norway will use external experts with relevant experience related to each application. These experts have backgrounds as Investors, Business Developers, Technology Developers, Serial Entrepreneurs, etc. They will contribute with critical and practical advice to all the project applications, independent of if you get the financial support or not. All projects evaluated will get a written feedback from the experts.

Many academic institutions are already working actively to support students with business ideas. Through STUD-ENT, the institutions get the opportunity to lift the most promising ideas. They then contribute to put the ideas to life and use them as role models to build a stronger culture for entrepreneurship.

If you have any questions, please contact Nils-Eivind Holmedal.