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Launching a new innovation program in Bergen

Gründerhub is a program for entrepreneurs with a great idea with an international potential. SpareBank 1 SR-Bank is now launching the program in Bergen with BTO as their partner. The new program starts 4th January 2018. Apply today.

Gründerhub is a free, four month program, where the participants get the opportunity to work in our pulsating innovation environment, learn from great mentors, enjoy our big network and get access to important start-up capital. New relationships are essential for rapid growth. We will help you get in touch with the right suppliers, customers and capital sources. You get valuable customer insights and help to develop your product. The program ends with a demo day where you will present the company to investors and managers.

The program is a proven, practical program, inspired by the famous Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Boston. More than 70 companies and entrepreneurs have participated in the Gründerhub-program since the start in 2015.

The program is offered by SpareBank 1 SR-Bank and is run in 3 norwegian cities: Bergen (Bergen Teknologioverføring), Stavanger (Innovation Dock) and Kristiansand (Coworx). At BTO, the program will be run as a pre-incubation program.

Our experienced facilitators will help you make important choices for further scaling and help you reflect on different options.

Being part of the Gründerhub-program qualifies you to compete for up to 300.000 NOK to develop your company:

  • The Gründerhub-award of 250.000 NOK is handed out to the best company of the year.
  • 50.000 NOK is awarded to the 9 companies that are classified as the best of their class.

The program starts 4th January 2018. Apply at grunderhub.no today!

Please contact Sonia Pandher or Hilde Indresøvde if you have any questions.