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Shared chatbot experiences

Helse Bergen and Bergen Teknologioverføring (BTO) organised a seminar about chatbots and robotic processes in June. The seminar had 60 participants who discussed how new technology can be used in a modern healthcare system.

Chatbot is considered the third paradigm after the internet and apps. It is expected that robot technology will become important in health care, and the seminar intended to present some initiatives and show some scenarios.

Synnøve Olset (Special Advisor at Haukeland University Hospital) and Jens Reigstad (Senior Business Developer at BTO) initiated the seminar. The ambition is to establish an arena where actors can exchange knowledge and experience, build competence and discuss possible areas of use.

Shared experiences

The presentations at the seminar were held by representatives from DNB, KnowIT, City of Bergen, Helse Vest IKT and Haukeland University Hospital.

First out was Odd Gurvin (Consultant in KnowIT), who showed some basic principles of «From chatbots to machine learning».

Henning Åge Skarbø (Special Adviser/PhD Candidate at Haukeland University Hospital), told about a new research project starting this autumn, where Chatbot solutions will be used in a study together with the Medical gastro department at Haukeland.

Agnethe Lund (PhD/PhD candidate at the Women’s Clinic) gave an introduction to how GraviDIA Chatbot will provide increased patient safety and improved patient experience for pregnant women with diabetes.

Kjetil Århus (ICT Director, City of Bergen), presented experiences with Digifrid – their first robot. He told about an automated system which is also registered in the personnel files.

Helse Vest IKT has started to look for candidates that might be useful for testing robotic processes, and Magnhild Viste (section leader at Helse Vest IKT) presented their experiences from the use of Robot Process Automation (RPA) robotics in specialized healthcare.

Anne Teige and Jan Thomas Leirstein, consultants in DNB, shared experiences from DNB’s customer service development and implementation.

Chatbot in modern healthcare system

The seminar ended with a panel debate led by Jens Reigstad. The participants discussed why Chatbot should get a natural place in a modern healthcare system, and where it would be most beneficial to use this kind of technology.

Henning Åge Skarbø stated that patients to a higher extent will feel that they can cope with their problems, and use Chatbot to become better informed about their own disease.  Agnethe Lund expects that Chatbot used as a service for pregnant women will increase common knowledge about Diabetes during pregnancy – and by this prevent serious situations for women at risk.