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Launching the Innovation Week OPP

We are proud to present Bergen’s brand-new innovation week – OPP! The innovation week is a cooperation between BTO, DNB, Innovation Norway, Hordaland County Council and Bergen Municipality. Together, we intend to contribute to highlighting the great initiative our city has to offer.

Our ambition is for OPP to become an event that contributes to our region heading in the right direction. Bergen needs to strengthen the ecosystem around small and medium-sized companies, and the Innovation Week OPP will help make this happen. We need arenas where great ideas meet capital and competence. During OPP we will cheer on each other, says Erlend Waaler, manager of the Steering Committee of OPP and responsible for DNB’s start-up dedication in Western Norway.

The intention of OPP is to develop the ecosystem of entrepreneurship and innovation in our region and engage more people to join in developing new solutions and products. OPP will become a meeting point for entrepreneurs and companies of all sizes and from all industries, where they can make contacts and show off their products. Our intention is to engage new and existing actors as well as inspire different sectors to cooperate.

The Innovation Week will be a safe haven for everyone who wants to demonstrate their technology, products or competence, in addition to those who would like to learn more about this, Waaler continues.

Dependant on contributions

The Innovation Week OPP will be arranged from 25th to 29th of September. This is the same week as Bergen Design Festival (previously named Raff Designuke) and the culture festival Vill Vill Vest, whom we cooperate with. Together we will make Bergen the place to be this week.

The innovation environment in Bergen and the surrounding area will be responsible for the content of the Innovation Week, by planning and carry out events related to innovation and entrepreneurship. All entrepreneurs and companies are welcome to join OPP. The companies decide the topic of the event themselves and are free to choose format, place and point of time. The events may be subject-specific seminars and courses, breakfast meetings, hosting an open day, etc. The only requirement is that the event is associated with innovation in one way or another.

OPP will facilitate and make it as smooth as possible for actors to add their preferred event to a common calendar, related to the common brand of OPP. This will make it easier for the participants and the curious ones to stay informed and for us to put innovation and entrepreneurship on the agenda. Many exciting things are going on in our region, and there exists a myriad of initiative and services related to entrepreneurship and business development. OPP is to become a week where both participants and organisers will have fun and enjoy themselves, says Hans Fredrik Hag, Project Manager of OPP and in BTO.

OPP will provide help with drawing attention to the events and to spread the news about them. This way, we will help each other reach our goals. OPP is supposed to be an event where established companies have the opportunity to get to know start-ups better, and the other way around, he continues.

Would you like to contribute with an event during the Innovation Week OPP? Registration of events will open the 1st of August on OPP’s web page, which is launched during the summer.


The Innovation Week OPP is developed based on voluntary work and a common interest for highlighting all the great value added generated in our region. The actors cooperating on creating a common meeting point are BTO, DNB, Innovation Norway, Hordaland County Council and Bergen Municipality. BTO is project management responsible.

We hope for more actors to join to make it possible for us to develop OPP further and become a truly great event. Bergen has deserved this!

The concept, including logo and name, was developed by ANTI and Node Create. The ambition was to develop a simple, playful, inspiring and flexible brand, which all of the actors contributing to the Innovation Week OPP can make use of.

Do you have any questions? Please contact Project Manager Hans Fredrik Hag.