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Professor in biology receives prestigious innovation prize

Karin Pittman and her company Quantidoc have received the Global Aquaculture Innovation & Leadership Award for their method to monitor the slime barrier on fish. BTO has contributed to the establishment and development of Quantidoc.

The award was handed out at the GOAL conference in Guangzhou in China. The lack of innovation in the aquaculture industry despite the fact that the consumption of fish has increased dramatically the last few years was discussed at the conference. Karin Pittman’s new method for helping the industry is therefore a highly welcomed contribution.

The award winning contribution is developed in order to help the aquaculture industry. The method makes for a simple way of monitoring slime that acts as a barrier on fish gills, skin and guts. Pittman described the intention of the method as follows:

It is the presence of health, not absence of disease. We want this industry to survive. We want to change the paradigm. Work together, she said.

Pittman works as a researcher at the Department of Biology, University of Bergen on a daily basis. She has executed research on fish health for 30 years, and at the conference she pointed out that the collaboration between industry, regulators and research has allowed the aquaculture industry of Norway to flourish.

The award is a great acknowledgement of Quantidoc, a start-up company BTO has provided help in the establishment and development phase.

Congratulations to Karin Pittman and Quantidoc!