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Håvard Danielsen, Tine Nordgreen and Erik Fosse projects have been awarded status as IKT Fyrtårn. Photo: Nora Clausen

INTROMAT awarded status as IKT Fyrtårn

Three major ICT-projects within the health sector have been awarded a total of 168 mNOK by the Norwegian Research Council. The projects are wide-ranging and will address challenges related to personalised medicine, mental health and cancer. INTROMAT from Bergen is one of the projects.

In INTROMAT the researchers aim to develop digital solutions for the prevention and treatment of mental disorders. The project is based on the concept of eMeistring, a concept that offers supervised treatment via the Internet for people who suffer from depression.

We developed the first generation of Internet treatment here in Bergen. As a IKT Fyrtårn we can focus on developing flexible, scalable and user-friendly solutions geared toward various forms of mental illness, says project manager Tine Nordgreen from Haukeland University Hospital.

The project, which has received 48 million NOK, connects prominent ICT research institutions in Bergen and Oslo with a strong team of experts in Psychiatry and Mental Health at Haukeland University Hospital in Bergen.

The project’s new status means a great deal to the academic community in Bergen. Psychiatric and psychological research have historically had difficult conditions compared with other disciplines within health research. Helse Vest and Haukeland University Hospital have for many years worked strategically and diligently to strengthen our field. The funds awarded to INTROMAT is a results of these efforts, says Nordgreen.

INTROMAT will form the basis of a new private market for IT-based treatment services and products. BTO has a significant role in the project, says Nordgreen:

Cooperation with industry and private sector development is vital to this project. BTO will play an important part contributing with their network and expertise in commercialization and product development.

BIGMED and domore! are the two other projects that have been awarded with status as IKT Fyrtårn status. This is the first time the Norwegian Research Council use this type of project format.

We have great expectations for the three projects. They are chosen after a thorough evaluation of both international and national experts, designating them as very ambitious. The projects are based on strong research environments in which we already have made big investments, says Anne Kjersti Fahlvik, Director for Innovation at The Norwegian Research Council, to forskningraadet.no.

You can read more about the IKT Fyrtårn on The Norwegian Research Council’s webpage.