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– I hope that this award can be used as an inspiration for others

This year awards from Helse Vest were handed out to scientists who have done a remarkable job with their cancer research programs.

James Lorens from BerGenBio and the University of Bergen was honoured with the innovation award for his work with development and improved treatment for breast cancer patients. This year’s winner of the research award was «Gynekologisk kreftforskningsgruppe», which is a research environment lead by professor Helga B. Salvesen.

The innovation award

Lorens has shown that research can be transferred into innovation and product development. Together with BTO he has established BerGenBio, which is one of Norway’s biggest initiatives on biotechnology. The jury praised James Lorens for his work:

«Lorens contributes to a strong link between basic research and business, and has been an important contributor for research-based innovation. BTO has contributed to secure innovation and Helse Vest has contributed with research funding.»

By winning this prize, Lorens received 100 000 NOK and a work of art. He hopes this award will inspire others.

This prize is not only for me. A lot of people in multidisciplinary fields have contributed through decades. Together with private investors it has been made possible to develop this medication. I hope that this award can be used as an inspiration for others, says James Lorens.

The research award

Helga B. Salvesen and her research environment have made a big breakthrough in cervical cancer research. In recent years they have worked towards clinical implementation. This means that they take their results and use them to benefit their patients.

We can offer a better identification of patients with low risks of cervical cancer relapse. With these results we can potentially contribute to give the patients a better life, for instance that some of them do not have to undergo radiotherapy. We can also map out the tumours and contribute to a more individualized treatment, says Salvesen.

Before handing out the prize of 200 000 NOK and a work of art, the jury praised Salvesen and her research group for their important work. They especially emphasized their special ability to combine competence from clinical and basic biomedicine in an impressive way to solve specific and clinical problems.

Regional newspaper Bergens Tidende publised  a story on the awardwinners. You can read it here.

Main picture (from left): Herlof Nilssen, Managing Director Helse Vest RHF, James Lorens, winner of the Innovation award, Helga Salvesen, winner of the award for best research environment, and Baard-Christian Schem, Technical director Helse Vest RHF. Foto: Kjetil Alsvik.

Small picture: James Lorens, winner of the Innovation award. Foto: Kjetil Alsvik.