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– BTO has been stubborn and present

During BTO’s tenth anniversary our owners participated in a summit to discuss the past and the future of BTO. They all agreed that we have only seen the start of BTO, and they are committed to look ahead.

– BTO has been stubborn and present for a long period. They have never stopped knocking on our doors, saying «We want to contribute!”. That has been important.

The testimonial belongs to Anne Lise Fimreite, Pro-Rector at the University of Bergen. Fimreite was, together with representatives from the four other owners, challenged to discuss BTO’s past and future. It was an interesting debate characterized by both seriousness and laughter.

One of the questions the panel had to answer was what they thought had been essential to bring BTO where they are today.

– Their driving force and idealism has been central. They keep on finding potential to capitalise on. It is nice to follow this work, said Anne Skarstein, CFO at the Institute of Marine Research and a board member in BTO.

Looking ahead

BTO has been through a long and challenging journey since the establishment ten years ago. Managing Director Anders Haugland and Vice President Randi Elisabeth Taxt brought the guests through the story, and honoured our owners, partners and employees for their contribution in bringing BTO to where we stand today.

We are starting to see specific results of the work that has been laid down the last years. We have built an organisation that can and will, and we look forward to continue the journey, said Anders Haugland.

– We know we still have challenging days to come, but we promise to welcome them with a go-ahead spirit and a smile, he continues.

In the summit it became clear that the owners shares Haugland’s view and they promise to support the organisation so it can reach its potential.

– The implementation capacity that BTO holds is extremely important. The road is still long, and we as owners must contribute with competence, commitment and motivation to go further, said Eivind Hansen, Chief Executive Officer​ at Haukeland University Hospital and Chairman of the Board in BTO.

BTO has not reached their potential, and it is our responsibility as owners to make sure that BTO can continue to grow and become fully-grown, said Anne Lise Fimreite, Pro-Rector at the University of Bergen.

Increased ambitions

Bergen University College and Siva became shareholders in BTO in September, as a part of a bigger strategic development in BTO. This means a stronger presence and increased ambitions for innovation projects in the Bergen region.

– Bergen is a big city, but not bigger than that we need a united muscle. We must work together and achieve together, said Eivind Hansen, Chief Executive Officer​ at Haukeland University Hospital and Chairman of the Board in BTO.

– BTO has done a great job so far. They represent an important environment of competence, and this helps to motivate others through their positive and outreaching approach, said Ole-Gunnar Søgnen, Rector at Bergen University College.

After the expansion of ownership, BTO is owned by four of the biggest research and education institutions in Bergen. In addition, Siva, which is a part of the public support system for innovation, has joined as owners. They are impressed by the way Bergen and BTO has managed to gather the research institutions in one united force.

– Bergen is an example to follow, finishes Jarle Holberg, Head of Section for ownership in SIVA and Board Member in BTO.

Pictures from our 10-year anniversary can be found here.